Breaking Down Climate Change Skepticism

Science Blog #1: This blog post will appear on on August 25th, 2019.  I'm still pretty nervous about having my views shared with a larger audience, so I would love your support when it pops up next month.  A few things to note: To keep this blog concise, human-induced climate change is referred to simply... Continue Reading →


Intellectual Disabilities in the i-Gen Era

Education Blog #1: Hello everyone!  For those who follow me on Instagram, no this is not the W.W.J.D. opinion blog I promised, but it is still a post, so try not to shame me too hard.  As you already know, routines are extremely difficult for me to stick to, but I still have two months... Continue Reading →

New Blog Breakdown

PROFILE UPDATE #1: Hello everybody! If you haven't lost hope in me yet and you're still around, THE BLOG IS BACK ON!  My next post is already in the works so when I say there will be more, I MEAN IT! That said, please note the following updates to my blog site: 1.) My goal... Continue Reading →

More Than Human

PRE-2019 #12: I could make a lot of excuses as to why this blog post is late, but ultimately, I just didn't know what to talk about.  I don't want this site to just be a hobby or a personal journal.  And I don't want this site to just be an argumentation on theology.  I... Continue Reading →

More Than Queer

PRE-2019 #11: Alright everybody, so I know this post took way longer than expected.  To state bluntly, the last few weeks have been a roller coaster, filled with blessings, stress, anxiety, and confusion.  But today I'm somewhere in the middle of that roller coaster with a light breeze and a lighthearted pace not much faster... Continue Reading →

More than Disproportional

PRE-2019 #10: I could post so many different videos for this one.  But to introduce them, let me just say that the issue of body image is one highly misunderstood.  It is not simply an issue of weight or acne.  Though intensified by it, it isn't something that would just go away if we banned... Continue Reading →

More than Static

PRE-2019 #9: Being able to know God doesn't require a condition.  It doesn't require a moment in life where you're more good.  More intelligent.  More disciplined.  We were made to be kinetic.  Dynamic.  This means we will constantly be moving and changing throughout life, both towards the good and the bad.  Our morals are too... Continue Reading →

More than Adjectives

PRE-2019 #8: I find it funny how I was so desperate for God to tell me where I was going last year.  Now with January behind me, I'm fully knowledgeable that if He were to reveal these past four weeks to me beforehand, I would have laughed at him.  But now I simply stand here... Continue Reading →

Wait, I’m Going to What Now?

PRE-2019 #7: So I know I just posted a blog like when?  Yesterday?  Well I will do my best to keep this short, but noticing a common trend talking to friends up here at the WU, I wanted to make a clarification. New Year's Resolutions are high: better grades, working out more, being more spiritual...... Continue Reading →

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